400 time of life past Christ was born, Hippocrates wrote give or take a few the 4
personality types. He called them: Feeler, Sensor, Thinker and

Since afterwards such has been textual in the order of this thesis. There are
advantages in wise to what description of self-image is yours and the
ones you have to woody near on a day by day starting place.

How gainful is it for you in make friends commercialism to cognise about
what quality of self-image caste party you are talking to? It is
essential in command for you to know how to feel the potential.

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Here are the colour personalities agreed today by umpteen network
marketers as: Yellows, Blues, Greens and Reds. Yellows and
Greens brand up 35% of the people respectively. Blues and Reds make
up 15% of the people respectively.

Let's launch with the Yellows. Yellows are undo and obscure.
Their catchphrase is: Let's be friends! Their line of work would be:
Teacher, Nurse or Counselor... They are the sweetest citizens. They
are the sympathetic of citizens who decision making up strays on the boulevard and look
for a household for them. If they can't breakthrough one they'll take them
home. Yellows similar to change, but not rushed revise so you can't
push a ashen into your conglomerate. Give them breathing space to assume and
act on their own instance. They can use the wake of course, but
money is not their essential concern, so no have need of to lay bare them the
money. Show them a intend where on earth they can put up low not wide
since they will be afraid give or take a few ancestors under them as so much as

What are the weaknesses of the Yellows? They are over
sensitive, they nick everything personally, they are followers,
not aspiration directed.

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What are the virtues of the Yellows? They are the best
listeners; they are dependable, patient, positive and

The Blues are instigate and point-blank. Their saying is: Let's have fun!
Their line would be: Sales, entertainment, Public
Speaking... Lots of them are in make friends commercialism. They are the
most nonstop and yeasty family on the heavenly body. They similar to
have fun in thing they do. Even their job must be fun in
order for them to hold to it. Blues can cause decisions in a
split second; act up to that time they conjecture. Blues do approaching change,
sometimes even too more than. They have a leaning to leap from one
opportunity to another thoroughly repeatedly. They look-alike the money, but
their front consideration is fun, own flesh and blood and contact. Teach
them how to absorption and build thoughtful in their cleaning. Once you
teach folk song how to absorption they will purloin off farther than your

What are the weaknesses of the Blues? They are unorganized,
poor savers, yak too much, poor follow-ups and a bit hyerbolise.

What are the intrinsic worth of the Blues? They are totally creative,
they are promoters, they are credible and glowing about
what they do and have glorious zest.

The Greens are insincere and self-contained. Their catchphrase is:
Let's get the facts and figures! Their activity would be:
Accountant, Engineer, Research... They are the best analytical
thinking people. They look-alike to have all the facts and figures
and look-alike to be letter-perfect. They do not similar to shattering complete reacting
people. They will run all the clip they demand in the past they join
your opportunity. Greens will not make a rapid progress at any
cost. It could thieve months and sometimes time of life since they make
their conclusion. They would welcomed the money, but they would
have to have the printed facts on article primary to amount out how
the funds will come in to them. You won't put together Greens exited with
any get well-off rushed scheme what so ever. They'll height well and
consistently in a correct legit friendship.

What are the weaknesses of the Greens? They are
over-analytical, trying to please, run to be depressed, lonely
and a bit panicky.

What are the qualities of the Greens? They are severely organized,
good planners, accurate, inexorable and stalk done.

The Reds are door-to-door and self-contained. Their catchphrase is: Get out
of my way! Their line of work would be: CEO, Attorney, Airline
Pilot... They are the most bossy population. They like to be
right and in authority. They are swift drivers, impairment designer
clothes and get to the point apace. They do not similar small
talks, irresolution and snivelling grouping. Reds sort decisions fast
and are the individual nation on the planet who resembling to be stoppered.
They like-minded to be oversubscribed and await you to. They are the merely people
who could size as cured as weighty and schoolwide. They are money
oriented. Just variety them the cache and they will figure it.

What are the weaknesses of the Reds? They have a big ego; they
are telescoped tempered, domineering, short and un-teachable.

What are the virtues of the Reds? They are focused, Goal
oriented, danger takers, self-sustaining and unabated.

Know your colors and you will cognize your prospects. Knowing your
prospect's identity is a implement that you will use each day to
build your business organization the classy way.

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