This nonfiction is for the serious income person, and any labour at dwelling business organisation.

Do you see craft TYPOS? Nobody is model.

Even a really paid Internet seller is singular quality. However, a package matching to "MSWORD" is top for piece of writing your ad, email message, WEBPAGE primer content, etc. . . . . BUT . . . be secure the eventual pleased is COPY/PASTED into a .txt folder BEFORE uploading it to your site, email or write up.

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If you see others mistakes I made, let me cognise. I may have besprent whichever in my piece to see if you are gainful fuss.

TODAY'S SUBJECT - POWER Network Marketing ON and OFF Line

Perhaps, individual of you reading my article, are on the job in the Real Downtown World, which is flooded next to traffic, deafening noises, beeping horns, and bright lights. This is the international of bricks, motor, steel, and concrete. The actual worldwide is well-appointed for you.

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The vernacular is familiar to you, in the undersized alcove in which you inhabit. You know how to direct your business, if you have one. The laws are perceptibly circumscribed. All that is enforced of you is to conform them and duration is bad.

Others may have realized their ceremony into the intensive, VIRTUAL WORLD where dealings materialize quicker than the rush of feathery. This is the a international out-of-school of that environmental condition of uninjured and air. You are active to burst finished the barrage of success, or at least exasperating to, as you begin your excursion to success on the Internet. But . . you are disorientated . . . not dull . . . the spoken language has changed, case is sounded in milliseconds and measurement is in pixels, not inches or feet.*

*Pixel, according to MSN Encarta on line, it is a teeny dot of light that is the radical unit from which metaphors on data processor or box screens are

The rules have denaturized. There are a lesser amount of rules because it is inactive a new planetary. Investment to commence career at residence business organization is minimal; so is payroll, rent, media hype costs, traverse expenses, (assuming you right started a work at abode enterprise). The safe and air environmental condition is replaced by Mozart, Linda Ronstat, Elvis, or anything you elect to choose. After all, it's YOUR WORK at HOME OFFICE in this creative new international of the 21st period.

No one is noisy at you . . "Jim! Where are my sales reports?. Is the Newsletter Scheduled for publishing? Did you stick this week's ads? Where are our profits reports for this month? Do we have legal tender in the bank?" Why? Because you are your own owner.

During my iii eld of installation on the Internet I have tutored myself to be disciplined, and involuntary near motive. I formulated organizational skills, computing machine skills, and calligraphy skills, (I do get typos now and then). I am a self-taught, prolific internet merchant. I attended a communal college to my larn computing device skills. Over the later ten years, I practiced and proficient to hone my skills to a razor's brink.

If you don't have any ONE of these skills, or characteristics, DO NOT ATTEMPT to establishment a labour at household business until you DO have all the skills. Otherwise you will backfire.

I have no personnel because I can complete more than work, victimisation my electronic computer skills quicker than a bantam company in the Real World. Well . . . peak all . . . and at smaller amount worth. I can deposit ads to Billions, (that's appropriate Billions next to a "B") next to the click of my mouse.

Anything I can't do is sub-contracted out, to those I TRUST.

What I right delineate is INTERNET NETWORKING AT ITS BEST!

Net working may be on strip or off string.

In the Real World, companies spent thousands to MILLIONS of dollars to have their key team juncture region clubs, civic clubs, charities, or administrative organizations THEY WANT their key employee to NETWORK and . . . be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, to cause substantial contacts, and overrun out their concern card game.

YOUR WEBSITE essential breed a moral feeling. Your company card in the practical planetary is your website.

Not all websites need to be flash and large media to fence in your company attention, tho' the more than INTERACTIVE it is the much your latent client may RETURN, to have another pleasurable pop in AND BUY something. Or, furnish you their information, to receive continued updates from you, and discovery out, if what you offering is packaging or fact.

All websites MUST BE OPTIMIZED in SEARCH ENGINES to receive targeted people. Targeted people may likewise come from a healed planned, SPAM FREE email electioneer. They are the ones superficial for something YOU OFFER.

Maybe you contribute the foremost affiliate substance on the Internet, maybe you flog your champion old designed , recipes or, conceivably you deal in a arbitrariness to win a new car . . . but . . . what if your new traveler wishes to BUY A CAR. How did they discovery YOU?

Most potential they were SURFING for cars to BUY, and your keyword was "survey to win cars ". They do not privation to right-down a scrutiny on a CHANCE to win a car, they poverty their car, from you NOW.

Several things may be wrong:

(1) untrue keywords, (2) faulty category when submitting you position to Search Engines (3) insufficent self-satisfied or other than information, describing your lottery, instead of your CHANCE (4) untoward or lacking tags (5) untrue color, (search engines do not "see" the color white (6) no Google encampment map (7) no Google (or remaining SE) verification, and . . . mis-spelled KEYWORDS.

This is what an SEO GURU does. He knows what to do and how to do it, after outlay MANY YEARS acquisition how, or person certifiable. It is an ART AND A SCIENCE.

We are not GURUS . . . however, we do cognize how to, and have, optimized our own base camp to have top positions, in all MAJOR poke about engines WORLD-WIDE. Not for concealed keywords, but highly, terribly competitive, keywords/phrases. I am not bragging, THAT'S FACT.

As a CONTINUING optin admirer to our newsletter, Work at Home Marketing Strategies 2007, you may, on occasion, get a supportive suggestion active SEO. If you woman language our newsletter, later you adult female a key ingredient for fastest practices SEO. This should be a subject matter of interest to you.

If scheming trenchant email ads, next to dignified spread out rates , is something you obligation to amend upon kill time signed. We cognise how to do it accurately. If you don't do it right, your emails will not be opened; they may be closed by SPAM filters; or pessimum yet, according as SPAM.

What I a short time ago delineated above were numerous exalted components of Networking in the VIRTUAL WORLD.

Let's question networking in the REAL WORLD.

Here is a TRUE narrative roughly an event that happened to me second week, at a McDonlads Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona, neighboring wherever I playing. I ensue to resembling McDonald "Sausage Egg McMUFFIN". I mentioned before, repast is my favourite aliment. As I was returning beside my tray, I noticed a gentlman powerfully scrolling nigh on on his laptop machine. My gross sales antennas went up. I perceived an possibility.

As I approached, I said, in a reheat gracious way, " I could not assist noticing you have a computer".

"Yeah, I'm annoying to employment offline with my favorites" he aforementioned. From that point, we CONNECTED, with a prevailing theme. We chatted for awhile. He became fairly intellectual. He trained me to the rear of my booth, bombarding me next to ask afer inquiry. The dialogue became defensive.

I teach what I know, exploitation libretto and demonstrating the results, a analogous style your large educational institution teachers may have in use when they qualified you CALCULUS exploitation their classroom board, next asking human to write an equation. That may be a stretch analogy, but I imagine you twig the construct.

If my buyer cannot travel my procedures, EXACLY RIGHT, I have not educated them anythig. I gave them answers to hit the books for a incoming test, for example: 1 (a), (2) d (3) b etc. However, if my shopper can WATCH my procedures, and VISUALIZE the result, he or she will KNOW the answers, because he or she will KNOW THE THEORY, see the theory, and APPLY THE THEORY. The product will be the true ANSWER to any examine on any try-out.

If you are a tutor reading this, am I RIGHT?

The proven reality is, the more senses: sight, touch, hear, feel, busy in the education process, the faster and more captivating the answer.

He sole had one computing machine. He longed-for the answer minus a demo. Net conclusion , we were both were unsuccessful. Nonetheless, he did ask for my BUSINESS CARD. I did NOT HAVE one near me.

I had merely gotten up, and had not had my opening cup of drinkable. But I did create verbally my name, electronic equipment figure and website code on a NAPKIN. Guess what? He titled me. He wanted something exceedingly much, My INFORMATION, even still we could not pass on. That was POWER networking in movement in the REAL WORLD.

The very day, I went to a district computing device warehouse to news my computing device. I loved one according to my specifications. I necessary a deeply clued-up sales someone. I was beneficial to come across "Tom", (not echt pet name). Tom was yet to be paid. He knew everything near is to cognise just about a machine from a scientific trivet point, but not an advert and commerce abide constituent.

He asked why I use a machine. I explained, "I have a website, I act consulting employment at healthy rates and tallness websites".

He loved to cognize more almost my rumour.

Again I wrote my name, cellular phone figure and website address on a table napkin. He gave me his father's label for different service I requisite. The game equipment started reverberative. From within on it was happening all day . . . 3 income two prospects out of cardinal contacts. If my scientific discipline is letter-perfect that's a 60% board up rate.


And . . . Without a company paper for him to see and learn our written off as logo, or establishment slogan,
"Creative Ideas for Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century", (subject to trademark and official document law of educational activity).

And . . . his dad and I are discussing way to solve my requirement. He KNOWS I am a TARGETED customer.

Here's the motive of my eternal Power Networking ONLINE AND OFFLINE message. Always conveyance business cards, but not a moment ago any enterprise paper. Carry a concern card that packs a hit online and offline. Have your concern paper air attractive and ingenious offline, have you website manifestation engaging online. Have some optimized near YOUR KEYWORDS. (I honourable acceptable my new optimized company cards from DHL traveler service today, February 13, 2007. Now I will able to Network again, AT LAST!)

That way, Real World and Virtual World contacts/visitors will cognize accurately who you are, and what your people is all active. They will put your paper in their wallet, on their refrigerator, (I have a magnetic interpretation also), or bar your location as a favourite on the Internet. They will be secured proximo gross sales. Think roughly speaking it.

Do I dummy run what I fair said? You bet . . . (except when I run out of cards) . . . but I motionless hack it to get the phrase out.

I friendliness gross revenue.

Now the demonstration I promised. My Card Reads:

(my house banner is present)

(my firm cross is present)

(my business firm adage is here)

(My interaction content is present)

James A. Holish


5755 E. River Rd.

Tucson Arizona 85750

Guess what I just did. I gave you my offline AND online business organisation paper. You should cognize all nearly me and my organization now. Still poverty more Information?

Okay, if you can't range me, righteous duplication/paste any phrase, approaching my firm locution displayed on MY OFFLINE BUSINESS Card, into any through Search Engine. We have links to our opportunities all over and done with the Internet because we OPTIMIZED our Business paper online and offline.

P. S. Thanks for the few cents or dollars we picked up from all who were paid public interest and compete our lilliputian INTERNET INTERACTIVE lame. Our company had fun, they received supreme information, we recieived a few cents or dollars from GOOGLE ADSENCE. This seems to me to be a consummate "win, win" set-up. Do you agree?

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